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We value the same things that you do.

IPS Blogs

We value the same things that you do.

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Streamlining Security Management with IPS Nationwide's TrackTik Technology

In the ever-evolving realm of security management, staying ahead of the curve means leveraging cutting-edge technology. IPS Nationwide, a frontrunner in the industry, has embraced this principle by integrating TrackTik, a revolutionary security workforce management platform. This blog post delves into how TrackTik is transforming security management and the key advantages it offers. TrackTik is more than just software; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem that bridges the gap between front-line security operations and back-office management.

IPS at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2023

From January 9 to 11, 2024, many were seeking insights into the latest marketing trends, and the significance of event security became paramount. IPS Nationwide, a leading name in the industry specializing in comprehensive security solutions, played a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and seamless experience for attendees, speakers, and organizers. The proactive approach adopted by IPS Nationwide not only safeguarded the event but also contributed to an overall positive atmosphere, allowing participants to fully engage in learning and networking.

Celebrating Safety and Community: The Success of IPS Event Security's Tree Lot Party in San Francisco

At IPS Nationwide, our recent Tree Lot Party, held on December 16, 2023, in San Francisco, CA, stands as a shining example of our unwavering dedication to prioritizing safety at every event we oversee. This meticulously organized festive gathering, orchestrated by our committed team, aimed to foster community unity through activities such as selecting Christmas trees, enjoying live music, and savoring delectable treats.

A Safe and Groovy Countdown: Forever Midnight Las Vegas 2023 Wrapped Up with IPS Security

As the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2023, music enthusiasts bid farewell to the old year and welcomed the new one at the exhilarating Forever Midnight 2023. Held at Las Vegas Resorts World, the festival boasted a lineup that had the crowd dancing into the early hours of the morning. What made this celebration even more remarkable was the seamless security and crowd management provided by IPS.

Besamucho Festival 2023: A Celebration of Latino Culture Safeguarded by IPS Security

Greetings, festival aficionados! We’re here to wrap up the excitement that unfolded at Besamucho Festival 2023, a dazzling cultural extravaganza held in the heart of Los Angeles on December 02. What made this year’s festivities even more remarkable? The unwavering safety net provided by IPS Security. Nestled in the iconic stadium parking lot, Besamucho Festival shone as a vibrant tapestry of Latino culture.

Keeping Zombieland Safe: Our IPS Team's Journey

Hey there, survivors! Ever wonder who had your back during the crazy Zombieland apocalypse? Look no further – it was us, IPS! We rocked security, kept the crowds safe, all preparing for a full-on zombie attack! Picture this: our team dodging zombies left and right, making sure your safety was the top priority. We weren’t just good; we were your go-to guardians. Planning was our game, and execution was our jam – all to make sure everyone had a blast without worrying about becoming zombie chow.

Golden Sky Festival 2023: A Spectacular Celebration of Music, Arts, and Community

The Golden Sky Festival was a tremendous success, making a lasting impact on everyone involved. The careful planning, teamwork, and enthusiasm of participants resulted in an event that exceeded expectations. Safety and security were paramount considerations, with IPS playing a crucial role in ensuring a secure environment.

Aftershock 2023: A Resounding Success in Sacramento

The 2023 Aftershock music festival blazed through Sacramento, bringing together over 100 bands at Discovery Park for an electrifying four-day spectacle. As California’s largest rock festival, it showcased a diverse lineup spanning rock, heavy metal, punk, hardcore, and nu-metal. Headliners such as Avenged Sevenfold, Tool, Korn, and Guns N’ Roses stole the spotlight, and captivated fans of all ages.

Life is Beautiful 2023: A Celebration Beyond Words

Life is Beautiful is Las Vegas’ premier music and arts festival that delivers a vibrant tapestry of art, music, and culture. Held in September 2023, the festival celebrated its 10th year and has attracted more than one million music, art, and culinary fans to Downtown Las Vegas over its lifespan. This year, IPS was honored to play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of all the festival attendees with event security, crowd control and event management.