IPS Academy

Take advantage of this opportunity to join the best event security company in California, Nevada, and Florida.

IPS Academy

Take advantage of this opportunity to join the best event security company in California, Nevada, and Florida.

ips Academy


IPS Academy is an accelerated course that equips you with the proper State of CA Bureau of Security and Investigative services certifications to pursue a career in the security industry.

IPS Constantly Strives to offer the best security solutions to our clients. For this reason, we established the IPS academy; a world-class institution that teaches and trains our entire team to handle the infinite amount of variables that can occur each and every shift.

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Providing you with a well-rounded education so that we can achieve our company and client goals together

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common FAQs we receive.

Yes. The training and licensing requirements for a private security officer differ from state to state. IPS Security services the States of California, Florida, and Nevada. Please take note that in order to work for all three, you need three licenses. 

Smaller events may not always necessitate fewer security personnel. It may be necessary to hire additional security personnel to ensure the safety of guests at moderate-sized outdoor gatherings spread out over a large area. This is done to ensure that there are multiple checkpoints at all entrances and exits. 
To manage crowds at large-scale events and celebrations, a high level of security is always required. A large crowd, regardless of venue size, always poses the risk of stampede. Don’t put your event at risk by providing insufficient security. 
The general rule of thumb is that there should be one guard for every 25-50 guests. However, with IPS Security, the number of security guards assigned is tailored to the needs of your event. If someone is injured as a result of a lack of security, you may face legal consequences. Please keep in mind that we also require supervisors to keep an eye on our security staff. Please contact us at 855-444-3961 for more information about our system. 

The cost of security is determined by a number of factors, including the number of guests, the logistics of the venue, and whether celebrities or children will be present. Please call us at 855-444-3961 to get an accurate quote.

State, county, and even municipal regulations can affect event security. When planning an event, it is the responsibility of the organizers to take all necessary safety precautions. 

All organizers are required to present the following, depending to the state, city, and municipal regulations: 

  • Detailed security plan 
  • Hiring a licensed security company 
  • Having enough security staff for the type of event 
  • Having a certain number of police officers in the event 

In general, an event security guard is responsible for the following duties:  

  • SECURITY SCREENING – Regardless of the size of the event, security screening is one of the most important aspects of event security because it can prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Depending on the nature of the event, security screening may involve metal detectors or the “wanding” of guests upon entry.  
  • PARKING AND ACCESSIBILITY – Venue access is a critical component of event security, and event security teams must plan emergency access routes, both to and from the venue. This is especially important in the event of an incident to avoid overcrowding issues. 
    There may be situations where hundreds or thousands of vehicles are all attempting to arrive or leave at the same time, requiring the assistance of the event security team to ensure that people are parking where they should and that there is a flow of traffic that allows people to access the event safely. 
    When it comes to access control, security guards must be aware of all potential entry and exit points from the venue to ensure that only authorized access points are utilized. 
  • CROWD MANAGEMENT – Prevention is better than management, especially when it comes to an incident at an event, constant vigilance and surveillance are essential. Event security guards must remain vigilant at all times, looking for potential incidents in large crowds and taking action if anything appears suspicious. 
    Event security teams will have to monitor the crowd to ensure no one is getting pushed or trampled, that people are not getting too close to a stage or to a public speaker, as well as ensuring that all exits remain clear, and people are not loitering on access areas like stairwells.  
  • RESPOND TO INCIDENTS – It is critical that event security guards respond quickly and decisively to all incidents, from a fight breaking out in a large crowd to a potential threat to a VIP. There must be thorough planning for appropriate actions and must be agreed upon between the client and the security agency.  
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SURVEILLANCE – With hundreds or thousands of people to observe and monitor, the working environment of security guards can be chaotic at times. It is essential that teams are always connected and actively monitoring the working environment. 

Yes. There are uniforms for our IPS security guards, but if necessary we can also dress formally if requested.

We provide security support to concerts, live festivals, conferences, conventions, sports events, stadium and arena security, and VIP assistance.

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